Starting level 4.... need some help

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I am starting level 4 in July and i will be able to study pretty much full time with online classrom. I have thought about learning two modules at the same time but do you think this can be done realistically? or do you think it is just too much to? :/
my two optional exams are CRCD and EXTA

i need peoples help and experience on this :)


  • blondie3178
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    I think it can be, if you choose subjects that follow on from each other - Budgeting and Financial Performance cover lots of the same things, Financial Statements - and all the formulas you learn for these are mentioned in CRCD.
    It will depend on how quickly you pick things up, I've tried studying different modules at the same time, and sometimes the old brain just gets too confused! LOL
    But good luck to you, however you decide to do it!
  • CeeJaySix
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    Hi Heather,

    It definitely can be done, but I imagine the necessity is down to personal circumstances - if you can book an exam every 2-4 weeks then you can just do each module at a time which saves the risk of having to retain two topics worth of knowledge to exam standard at the same time. If you can only sit exams once every couple of months then you may not have that option; but given the content in each module isn't particularly large, it isn't too much of an issue.
  • Makkusu
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    Certainly doable, I used to study two units at the same time alongside a full-time job and looking back it went smoothly.

    Some tips if you do:
    • Try to stagger your studies slightly, so one unit is started 1-2 weeks before the other. This allows you to get the ball rolling on the first unit before you introduce another.
    • Manage your time well. This goes without saying, spend a while eyeing up the content and making a revision plan for the coming months. You'll want a learning phase, revision phase then an exam practice phase: (x days to get through x sections, plan and tackle).
    • Manage the time per unit. It's easy to spend more time on the easy unit, so ensure you're doing an equal chunk of each unit per day.
    • Finish your two exams before picking up another two.
    • Elongate the revision/exam practice period. Due to double the content you'll probably have forgotten twice as much :001_tongue:​
    Good luck whatever your choice!
  • Kelly7
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    We do two subjects at a time at college
  • HeatherS19
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for that :) very helpful.

    I have looked at the time table and it does look like the start dates are around two weeks different, so thats good :)

    has anyone done the iys report yet? if so how long are you allowed to complete it and did you do it alongside an exam?

    Thanks again everyone :):):)

  • Jade Hunt
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    Yes I think that would be fine to do, although I agree it depends upon personal circumstances. At the end of the day, if you started a second and struggled you could always put it down again!

    I am doing ISYS at the moment, whilst also doing Financial Performance. You have four months to get a first submission in, then a further two months for any amendments - you can submit up to five times! Obviously because you have six months in total, it would be a good idea to do other topics along side it or you may end up just extending your course by the six months… Good luck. Jade x
  • Kelly7
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    Our isys was set to us in sept and most people still haven't completed it. I would say to do your swot, proposal and action plan and get the ball rolling with that. I did a big chunk of mine in one weekend, took me a number of months then because I was waiting for help but if you put your mind to it and get that one out of the way you do feel good. This forum is great for help when you're stuck on a point too. X
  • Makkusu
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    Hi Heather,

    Yes that is exactly what I mean, whilst the course you're doing may well provide this for you it's still good to have your own idea of how things are going to pan out. You want to learn all the content, go back and revise by doing practice questions/revisiting notes, then move onto mock exams etc.
  • ellie72
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    I'm doing financial performance now, exam Tue 🙏 & will start ISYS in Jul, would you recommend just carrying on with financial statements? I'm DL & my assessor did a learning plan & has just blocked of a couple of months for the project. I've got CRDC & EXTA to do too.
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