Change syllabus?

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I am currently on the 2010 Syllabus having completed level 2 and I have only completed spreadsheet software in level 3, I have taken around a 8 month break to complete a separate course from work and I am now looking to carry on with the AAT course.

I personally do not think I could complete the whole of level 3 before Dec 2014 (working 6 days a week takes it toll)
Do you think I should transfer to the 2013 Syllabus and carry on from there?
Would I need to sit a transitional exam?
Lastly, If I transferred to 2013 syllabus, what order of exams would you recommend?



  • welshwizard
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    You should be able to carry your spreadsheet forward to AQ2013 standards. As for which order: 1) ACPR, 2) FSTP, 3) CSTR, 4) ITAX and 5) PETH (Save the worst til last!)
  • vyas2210
    vyas2210 Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    Cheers mate, booked on to the next BPP ACPR course!
  • Jules18
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    One possible consideration to moving to 2013 is from 2010 is that the CBA's are in one section not two therefore 70% of the whole paper not 70% of each section which can be a downfall if you have an awful question in one section. A further consideration is that the weighting for each question is given. This DOES NOT mean that the paper is any easier - you still need to know your stuff but possibly a more level playing field as you know where the marks are.
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