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A question about recruitment chances

Richard2013Richard2013 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 23
Hello everybody

This is my first post on this forum and I am Hungarian.
I'd like to ask what is the best time of the year to apply for junior roles? I am a L3 student and I find the course relatively easy when some of my classmates at college are struggling and failing exams. I still have AP2 and ITAX to sit on AQ2013. I've got no practical experience in an accounting or finance role. I am aware that my chances to find a proper job are slim, but I would really appreciate some helpful advice. I live in Preston, Lancashire by the way.

PS: I can provide more details in PMs as I barely provided information about my circumstances at all.


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645

    If you're looking for a job in practice that will support further qualification, many firms recruit for late summer starts (July-Sept) to coincide with the end of the academic year (as they are aimed primarily at graduates leaving university) - many larger firms will open applications for these roles from around now. However we do recruit throughout the year as and when roles need to be filled, and I would guess most mid-size firms do likewise.

    Afraid I can't help with other areas of the industry as I don't have any experience there...
  • Richard2013Richard2013 Just Joined Registered Posts: 23
    Thank you, that was very helpful.
  • Richard2013Richard2013 Just Joined Registered Posts: 23
    Well, I took the courage and a day-off from work to go round town asking for work experience and work, if possible, at small bookkeeping practices. One partner at a practice seemed to be interested in hiring me at the second half of the year or before christmas time when they will probably get a lot busier. I encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, because if you don't have the work experience, companies will likely not hire you. That's a lesson I had to learn. Some articles for jobseekers can be useful at times, it seems.
  • Richard2013Richard2013 Just Joined Registered Posts: 23
    Update: on 20th june I took a day off again too see a few more bookkeepers who had been n/a a week before.then guess what, the following wednesday(ie last wednesday) I received a call inviting me for a trial day at a local bookkeeper. It's exciting for me, at least.
  • Amy SmithAmy Smith Feels At Home EssexRegistered Posts: 54
    Good for you, Richard2013! Hard work and determination definitely pulls off :001_smile:

    All the best
    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
  • Richard2013Richard2013 Just Joined Registered Posts: 23
    I think it all comes down to how lucky you are or what your connections can do for you.
  • Richard2013Richard2013 Just Joined Registered Posts: 23
    Update: I have finally been to the bookkeeper today for a trial day. We'll see how she valuates my work I've done today:Sales and purchase invoices onto Sage 50. I just hope she'll take me on. Anyone going through anything similar, never forget to bring your lunch with you! Being senile in your twenties isn't fabulous!
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