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Hi everyone,

I have just sat my PEAF exam on the new 2013 syllabus and it was sooooo different from the practice assessment on the AAT website. I revised everything and even had the Bruntland Report meaning of sustainability down to a tee, but I don't think I have passed. What annoys me about the AAT practice assesments for their computer project exams is that the practice ones are a lot easier then the actual exams. I also found this with the Excel exam. I did the green light tests for PEAF and I got 90%, 100% & 100% so going by this and doing the practice assessment I should have felt prepared for the exam.

If I have failed then I will need to resit, I love numbers etc but I do find it difficult with theory/written exams as I get so nervous before the exam. Does anyone have any advice going forward? Thanks x


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    I recently took this exam (awaiting outcome) and must admit I found the Green Light Tests extremely easy but the actual exam really hard.
    I also agree that the practice exam is slightly easier than the actual exam and in somewhat misleading.

    My advice for this exam (hoping I passed) is as soon as you get into the exam on a spare piece of paper write down the principles followed by the threats. Section one is pretty straightforward and I did not need to look at these for those answers, but for the second part (scenarios) I really needed to second guess myself as the scenarios do get you thinking, but when I write things down I can link them better.

    Professional Behaviour
    Professional Competence & Due Care


    Self Interest
    Self Review

    Hope this helps in some way and I hope you have passed as i know this is a horrible exam.
    (Update, just found out I passed)
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    Yes, I am also preparing to sit the PEAF exam 2013, though I am not sure I heard about a Bruntland Report? (or maybe I haven't reached that part of the unit yet). I also find the GL tests easy and I was wondering whether there will be written parts of the exam as well as multiple choice questions.
    The way I can remember the Principles is by using the sentence: "Orange People Don't Come in Pairs"
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    I have found quite a few exam candidates who have had similar problems to the ones expressed by Fifegirl in May.
    I guess that now (4 months later) she is fine.

    The level 4 exams include written elements and at level 3 both ethics and spreadsheets present problems in terms of practice feedback, especially for self-taught students.
    Very often it can help if a local tutor can mark the work you have done which is not marked by the computer in the samples.
    You can see if you are at the pass standard in the same way as the computer tells you for the other tasks. But it can also give you feedback in terms of how you write your answers to maximise your marks within the time available.
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    nnc2012 said:

    The way I can remember the Principles is by using the sentence: "Orange People Don't Come in Pairs"



    Imaginary Bosnian footballer who helps me remember the threats and fundamental principles...

    Advocacy, Self-Interest, Self-Review, Intimidation, Familiarity

    Confidentiality, Objectivity, Professional behaviour, Integrity, (Professional) Competence and Due Care.

    Worst part of the syllabus for me so far are the different organisations. Who oversees AAT? Which organisations formed AAT? I really hope that's not worth too many marks.

    Also, a lot of the threats seem quite similar. eg if someone pays for an accountant's holiday, is it familiarity or is it self-interest? Really don't like this unit at all.

    Haven't even looked closely into sustainability yet...
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    I am studying for this exam now and finding alot of the threats seem quite similar too.

    Although very different from the normal Multiple Choice Exams, I think having the written elements to this exam prepares students for Level 4 :)

    Thanks for the little tricks to remember the Fundamental Principles and Threats.

    My studies taught me "PPCIO" - Popular People Chat in Offices.

    P = Professional Behavior
    P = Professional Competence and Due Care
    C = Confidentiality
    I = Integrity
    O = Objectivity

    Good luck everyone :)
    Completed AAT in March 2020
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