Client's teen child started working (does it affect tax credits?)

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Client has 15 year old child in Year 11 at school. He has got himself a job over the summer. Does this affect client's tax credit award? Their income is low so they get quite a bit. I had to say I honestly didn't know and google not showing up anything of much help!




  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi Sarah-Lou

    I found this for child tax credit [h=2]"Working whilst undertaking full-time non-advanced education or approved training[/h] CTC will continue to be payable if a young person works whilst still undertaking relevant education or training.
    A young person works 25 hours a week during the evenings. Provided they are continuing their full-time non advanced education and that education is not being provided by an employer or any office they hold they can continue to meet the qualifying conditions."

    Only it mentions "young person" (over 16) whereas in your case the child is 15.

    Not a definitive answer but better than Google!


  • Sarah-Lou
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    Thank you very much, I searched and searched but couldn't find anything!
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