ICAS (Review of the accounting systems)

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Hey guys, Hope everyone is well and working hard towards there assessments. I have started my ICAS project based on a case study (Chic paints Ltd) and I have got to the reviewing section.I have reviewed both of the systems that my report is based on but am unsure on whether I base the strengths and weaknesses on them itself? or on the working methods in practise,fraud, and training etc? Please reply back ASAP Thanks


  • Lindux
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    you review the weaknesses and strengths on the area you choose to write about. In my situation it was SLCA and credit control ;-) All weaknesses and strengths which make their accounting system work better/worse....think of what accounting systems they use like Sage, excel etc...does it makes your area (you are focusing on) work more efficient or it involves extra work, fewer errors etc...does everyone in your department has up to date qualifications and knowledge about accounting policies, ethics etc.
    Hope this helps to get your started ;-)
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