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I hope you all had a nice weekend and rearing to go for another week ahead!!
I am in the process of starting up my bookkeeping business and busy do the marketing in order to attract clients.
I received an email from an accountant a few days ago stating that he is prepared to provide me with a list of brand new start up companies in my local area for a fixed price. Do you think that would be a good idea in order to get new clients or would it be money wasted and I would be better off doing my own marketing?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • burg
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    We don't do bookkeeping so have never really tried getting the work. However, purchasing new company lists has not worked for us. It has just been a waste of money. You may have much better results doing your own marketing. A good avenue to explore maybe trying to get some kind of agreement with a local accountant. Most accountants don't really want the lower earning bookkeeping work so may be looking for a good quality bookkeeper to recommend. Be prepared to go out of your way at first to gain their trust and get yourself in but make it clear that it is a one off so they can see what you are like with little risk.

    Good luck

  • MaggieL
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    Hi there, Have you tried networking? Some, like 4N have an annual fee but depending on where you are based there are often enough local ones which a usually pay as you go. Your local Council Enterprise Department or Chamber of Commerce may be able to help. This isn't a quick fix as there are usually loads of accountants there and it takes time to build up a network of people who you are matched to but I've got work from it and good contacts for marketing and other advice. Good Luck.
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