Accounting packages in practices

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A question to people who's worked in accounting practices or in industry. What is the most commonly used accounting software package used by practices and what is used by companies of any size?


  • amurray
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    I've only worked in Industry and mainly worked with Sage or cloud based accounting software (SME Businesses)

    Alot of big companies are using SAP, Oracle and so on.
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  • CeeJaySix
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    I work in practice, and most of our small clients use Sage 50, though we do have a few Quickbooks, and more and more with online platforms such as Kashflow.

    Larger clients, the most common seem to be Access, or Sage 200 (horrible), but many have tailored solutions.

    SAP, Oracle, Dynamics etc we don't really see as they're designed for very big business.
  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Richard, I work in practice and we used to use Sage, but have since upgraded to Iris which in my opinion is much better.
  • Richard2013
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    Thanks people, it's nice to have some answers.
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