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Hi guys. I'm looking for training provider recommendations to complete my ICAS. I completed all my level 4 exams nearly 2 years ago but never got around to completing my ICAS module. I am looking for a distance learning provider as the college I did my exams through have not been very helpful with assisting me in completing my qualification. I realise that I only have until December 2014 to complete it on the 2010 syllabus.

Thanks in anticipation:001_smile:


  • Jade Hunt
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    I study with Premier Training (01469 515444) and have found they are great! They have one dedicated tutor for the ICAS which I think is a fab idea, her name is Kay.
    I have just completed my first submission of the project and found that Kay was really helpful and friendly whilst working through it.
    Not sure on how much it would cost with Premier Training for just that module but I know to purchase a case study from the AAT is £40.00. For the whole level 4 course it cost me £699 which is amazing, would definitely recommend. Good luck :)
  • kkelly
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    Hi Curlymum,
    Ive been looking at an ICAS provider only over the last few days and both BPP and Kaplan are only doing the 2013 syllabus now so you may have difficulty finding a provider to do the 2010 syllabus. Both of them are quoting between £340 and £380, Hope this helps!!
  • coojee
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    It's not a problem doing the 2013 unit as all your 2010 exams will transfer straight over to 2013 (assuming they were all done under 2010 and not a much earlier syllabus)
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