Best face to face training provider in Reading/Oxfordshire area...

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Having just completed level 3 I am aiming to start level 4 this September. I am looking in the Oxford and Reading area for training providers and can't seem to find much content on these forums where people recommend or have any comments on them. BPP in Reading is one I've looked at, what are people's thoughts on them? I will want to attend face to face classes.

Other options I've considered are Kaplan, First Intuition, all of which are in Reading and some colleges around Oxford such as City of Oxford or Abingdon & Witney college?

The 2 optional units I favor are Business Tax and Cash Management as I want to work in industry, and I'm finding that Kaplan and First Intuition don't seem to offer these optional courses face to face so I would have to self study. Hence why I'm favoring BPP at the moment as they offer all of them as options.

Any comments much appreciated as will be looking to book the course soon.

Many thanks.


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    I trained at Whitehorse training in Bath and can recommend them. I would certainly consider sending trainees there now if I was taking them on. I've also heard good things about Reed in Moreton in Marsh. Both are a bit of a travel but meant to be very good. I've also trained for ACCA at BPP in Bristol and whilst they are good I much preferred Whitehorse.

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