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I read somewhere that it is illegal to send emails to potential new clients advertising products/services - it's classed as spam Does anyone know the ins and outs of this? What approaches have other people had in finding clients from the outset? Thanks


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    I'm sure there is something within the AAT guidelines about emailing potential clients. If I remember rightly you can do it but it must be done in the correct manner. Not something I have ever done so just from my thoughts of reading it somewhere. I would imagine it would not be that successful. How annoying is spam email to you?

    Many MIP's find clients through different avenues. Some have had success with shop window adverts, some with newspaper adverts, some mail shots and some networking events and mine though my website and online advertising.

    Whichever method you go for the advert needs to be right and you need to be able to demonstrate what you are offering quickly.

    I've had and am still having very good success with online advertising and am gaining around 4 clients per month. It took some while to get the adverts written in a way that works, the keywords correct, the advertising budget correct and the website how I wanted it and in a way that works.

    Referrals are by far the best method of gaining new clients but really that comes with client numbers. With the number I'm at now this brings in a regular flow of around 2-3 clients per month. Much easier to gain these as they have already been sold to you by the referrer.

    A place to start may be friends and family and to start handing our business cards to everyone you see, even if just to let them know what you now do. As time goes on and you gain more clients you will probably find that your friends and family and your least liked clients and you want to move them on but we all need to start somewhere.

    Some of the work is low priced but places like People per Hour and Service start could be a source of work for now. To get some money coming in why not see if any local practices need some sub-contract help?

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    Thank you so much for your advice - food for thought! I did think emails would get ignored - I had one myself a few minutes after putting an advert up on a website from someone advertising their website - which I ignored.

    I've made a start with friends and family via a facebook page so we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks again. :)
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