Financial Performance 2010 standards vs Financial Performance 2013 standards

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Hi everyone

Looking for some guidance and advice please

I am a distance learner and study in my own time and my own pace and I'm due to take my last assessment under the 2010 standards in two weeks time - Financial Performance, and then have just my project to complete.

I was advised at the time of booking my assessment that BPP no longer offer the ICAS project under the 2010 standards and I would have to transfer to the 'new' 2013 standards to complete this, not a big problem as there is no rush as such.

However, I now feel I have put myself under a lot of pressure to complete the last assessment which I thought I was ready for.
I have a full time job, a dependant husband with serious health problems and I felt over the weekend that I am not as prepared for this assessment as I thought, Every time I pick up my books my mind goes blank and nothing is sticking - any help/advice/suggestions welcomed :-)

Seriously though, can I please ask opinions - what you would do if you were in my position:

Should I just go for it, and cram every possible moment until exam day - use it as good practice and worse case scenario - a retake in a few weeks time probably under 2013

Should I try and rebook my assessment for a later date under the 2010 standard if I can get another slot

Should I consider transferring now to 2013 standards and complete the Financial Performance assessment when I feel really ready, followed by my ICAS project

Can anyone comment on whether the Financial Performance content for 2010 differs greater to the 2013 standards

So many questions

Many thanks




  • kkelly
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    Hi Sue,
    I honestly don't know the difference between Financial Performance 2010 & 2013 but you have plenty of time to do the 2010 exam prior to Dec. I'm sure too that some colleges are still doing ICAS under 2010 but probably not for long so you would have to research and start it soon.
    Its really comes down to how you feel as to when you can do them!!

    Please God you're husband will be better soon and good luck with sorting out a plan.
    Sorry I can't guide you more.
  • SandyHood
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    Hi Sue

    I don't see any significant difference in the knowledge needed for either exam. So there is no need to rush.
    There is a slight advantage to the 2013. You have to get 70% to pass.
    The 2010 requires 70% in section 1 AND 70% in section 2 - so you can't make up for errors in the performance indicators by having excellent answers to variances.

    I agree with Kevin. I hope you can allow your studies to wait while you focus on your husband, in that way you can avoid the added pressure of trying to do both at the same time

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