Financial statements exam- result

danny1717 Registered Posts: 20 Dedicated contributor 🦉
I'm so happy as I passed Financial Statements exam. I've waited 6 weeks and 1 day for the results. I found this exam quite tricky and difficult due to high volume of stuff to remember. Now I've got ICAS project to write to complete level 4. Not sure which provider should I choose. Any ideas? Is it possible to write it throught distance learning?


  • angmc
    angmc Registered Posts: 73 Epic contributor 🐘
    Well done for passing FS. I'm still waiting for my results on that one...5 weeks 1 day so far. I got all my statements to balance but not sure I did enough on the written questions. Yes you can do ICAS through distance learning I'm with Premier who are very good or you could try Kaplan, Eagle etc. Not sure about the costs though as a single unit.
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