Employment Prospects in Harrogate Area and Level 4 Options

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Dear All,

Thank you for clicking in to read this.

I have recently completed Level 3, so I would like your thoughts as to which optional sections in Level 4 you look for when you consider taking on somebody who has passed the exams but otherwise has relatively limited experience in the big, wide commercial world?

Also is there anybody who can offer any work or work experience as trying to get a first foot in the paid employment world is very difficult. I have served in the RN accounting for stores and I have done IT in the past, I am Treasurer for a local AmDram group, so I do believe that I have transferable skills and qualities that I can bring to a new employment place.


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    I'm also "qualified" to L3. Have you tried visiting local book-keeping and accountancy practices? Yell.com, AAT, IAB and ICB's websites are there for you if you want to search for local book-keepers in your area. Going there personally has a greater affect, than sending an email. That is, if you want to work in practice. I got a part-time offer last week due to visiting a book-keeper. However, I think I was just a lucky dog.
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