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Gentle JesusGentle Jesus Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 241

I need to re write my CV and I am wondering if anyone has used a professional CV service for example "The CV Centre" to help them write their CV in order for it to stand out more ?




  • Sam22Sam22 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 117
    Hello, I looked into these sort of services when I was writing my CV. I was a bit stuck as I was having a complete career change so my CV didn't have any relevant experience etc and thought by using a service like the one you've mentioned would help make my CV stand out more. In the end I deided against it. I realised it was probably a waste of money. I found what worked best for me was letting friends/family/recruiters read my CV and to ask for their opinion on it. I also found that writing a cover letter for each application went more in my favour than my actual CV!
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