Transferring to AQ2013 standards part way through final level

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OK so I have been trying to get through level four for nearly two years now (including nearly a year's break) and still have FS (which I have had one failed attempt at) and Business Tax and seem to have lost interest and motivation but think I would be silly not to complete these last two exams. I seem to be struggling to find relevant resources for these papers more and more so now that AQ2010 is being phased out. I feel like what I am trying to learn is out of date anyway and that doing the last two on AQ2013 might be something for me to consider. Anyone done this and if so, would you recommend it? Any advice at all greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Claire,
    In my view the FS in AQ2013 is easier that in AQ2010, but others may disagree with that. The book I have for Business Tax covers both AQ2010 and AQ2013. You know, your so near the final hurdle that you may regret it later if you dont push yourself to finish now. Whichever standard you go with, you should try get over that finish line soon having gone so far already.

    Sorry I can't help you more, but good luck with them!! Go for it!!
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    If you've already done ICAS under 2010 then don't transfer as you'd need to do transitional assessment to move it over to 2013. The difference between the 2 exams is virtually zero so there's no advantage to be gained by transferring and plenty to lose if you do.
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    Transferring to AQ2013 standards
    I too was just about to post a similar question. I started level 4 over a year ago and I have struggled to pass any of my 4 papers so far under the AQ2010 standards. Would my life not be easier for me to just transfer to the AQ2013 giving that I still have to take the ICAS and the lovely FS.

    Please advise.

    Level 4
    PTX - to be retaken
    BTX - to be retaken
    Budgeting - to be retaken
    Financial Performance - to be retaken
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    Provided you haven't done ICAS it's fine to transfer to the new standards. It doesn't matter how many exams you have already done. There is one more proviso and that is that any exams taken under the NVQ or Diploma route that gave exemptions under AQ2010 won't transfer to AQ2013 so you'd need to retake those
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