Cash Management or Business Tax?

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I am really struggling to choose between Business Tax and Cash Management - Cash Management sounds interesting and practical, but Business Tax is the one everyone is going for.
Where I am studying Personal Tax is chosen for you and then there's a choice between CashMan & BTAX. I don't want to study beyond level 4 so it's important that the options I choose now make me more employable in the future. Also I am a numbers person (Maths degree) not a words person! Any advice or points of view? Thanks


  • Nps
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    I would say business tax. Lots of cross over with personal tax too. It is probably the hardest paper in AAT but I would argue one of the most useful/interesting too.
  • BoushhBaby
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    Thank you Nps for your reply and thoughts on this. (I have never asked a question on the forum before and I though maybe no one would bother replying - but you did! thank you!)
  • Jade Hunt
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    I am taking the two tax units as my options but have chosen these quite logically;
    - I have no interest in auditing
    - I do a lot of credit management and control in my job
    - I took Cash Management when it was a level 3 exam and thought it would be useful to learn something else

    I have known of people to take more than two of the optional units, I think you can pay a small fee to your training provider for this and since you don't plan on studying further, maybe this could be an option? Although I know personally I wouldn't do extra, L4 is already killing me!!

    If not, I find it's much easier to pick things up if you actually have an interest in the topic, so I would say to go for the one you are most interested in...

    Good luck :)
  • BoushhBaby
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    Thank you Jade! I have spent all evening going around in circles trying to decide (I need to let them know tomorrow to be sure of a place on the unit of my choice). I think that's a really good idea about doing the CashMan as an extra, but AFTER I have done all the others. It's just that the CashMan looked very practical, but I think I realise now that BTax is more useful in the long term.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Good luck to you also x
  • welshwizard
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    The key question is:

    Which one will you use more?
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