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Being qualified is more stressful than learning!

MafrofroMafrofro Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 6
Hi all, I'm looking for advice and a bit of a push in the right direction. Just qualified and got MAAT status which is great so im wanting to carry on and get my acca/cima but also find a job which would complement these and help reinforce what I'm learning. I went to a recruitment consultant last night and they told me that despite being qualified I am not well rounded enough to get something like that (I've spent 3 years working in PL, SL and treasury for a large company with odd bits of vat return and regular monthly reconciliation tasks). I'm feeling massively deflated and am worried that I'm effectively going to have to start again with regards to experience. Part of me feels cynical and that he was trying to push me towards an entry level job that he said himself other people kept turning down but I could do with some unbiased opinions on whether my limited experience is going to be a huge problem finding a job that fits with further education or if Im just going to have to suck it up and take the entry level job to become more rounded or any other suggestions on how to broaden my experience. Apologies for the rant, I was just hoping things would get better after MAAT but I'm more confused than ever! Replies would be greatly appreciated! :)


  • MafrofroMafrofro Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    Also apologies for the lack of paragraphs, my phone appears not to like them!
  • hinezeehinezee Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    Firstly don't feel down. You just qualified and got your MAAT status. Well done, thats a huge achievement and one to quite rightly feel proud of.

    I have been in a similar position myself. You have to learn and move on. Don't let people knock you down, but do take some learnings from the experience. Try to look at your strengths and weaknesses objectively and look for roles which play on your strengths but give you space to grow and to improve upon your weaknesses. Set your sights realistically and you will be fine.

    My personal opinion of the recruitment industry as a whole (this is aimed at the larger companies) is that they live in the moment to achieve sales targets (placing the most people as quickly as possible) and don't make things personal. I try to avoid the big firms and go with the smaller more specialist firms who I feel put me first and work to promote me. Its not always easy to find the best agent, but even in the larger firms you can find people willing to work with you. Pick up the phone and call them. If you don't like the sound of them move on to the next one until you find an agent who you feel meets your needs.

    Sorry if this is not the perfect answer, but I hope it at least gives you some food for though. Keep your head up and be positive and you will be fine.
  • MafrofroMafrofro Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    Thats really helpful, thanks Hinezee :)
  • samiursamiur Just Joined Registered Posts: 6

    I am also facing the same problem. Recruitment agent always try to find fault with candidate when they don't want to recruit you . It is their intention to knock you down so that you can't ask for more salary . This is also same for the employer. They always try to look for the weaknesses of the employees not the strengths.
  • samiursamiur Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    Hi ,

    Can anybody explain me how the production or Manufacturing chart of accounts works in the sage accounting system. it is really confusing.


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