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Hi All

I have my BTX exam tomorrow, but there were 2 questions that I came accross when revising last night am really struggling with if anybody could shed any light how to solve these I would be most grateful. As I have gotten myself into a panic over them.

1st Question is:

A company brought a building in 2009, which had an indexed cost of £80,000 at the point of disposal In 2012, this building was sold for £130,000. Another building was bought at the same time as disposal.

Link each cost of the new building below to the appropriate amount of rollover relief

Costs £120,000 £100,000 £150,000

Amount of rollover relief answers to pick from £0 £10,000 £20,000 £30,000 £40,000 £50,000

2nd Question is:

Ali has made net capital gains of £24800 in 2010/11. He also has other taxable income, after personal allowances of £32, 000

Calculate the tax payable on his capital gains. Show you answer in whole pounds only



Annual Exemption

Taxable Gains

Tax payable at 18%

Tax payable at 28%

Total tax payable

I have managed to work out the first 3 boxes but I am stuggeling with the last 3 & can't my answers to match the correct ones.

If anyne could help me either or the both I would be so gratfull

Many thanks in anticipation of your help
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