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Is anyone else getting frustrated with HMRC's communication at the moment? The previous 3 times I've contacted with them with a query which they couldn't answer I've been promised a call-back and they've not returned my calls weeks/months later. I find that with these generic 0300 numbers I have no idea what to say to get put through to the correct departments and even when I do eventually reach the right place they cannot tell me what I should have said to get through to them directly, and this morning I've received a letter from the NIC&EO PAYE Employer Office which I want to speak to them about and called the number on the letter (0300 200 3200) to be told that it's not possible to speak to anyone in that office and I'll have to wait for them to call me back which can take 10 working days.
Does anyone know who at HMRC I/we can speak to to express how frustrating and time-wasting this is? I used to have a 'working together with agents' contact at HMRC but last time I tried ringing them it said that the number was no longer valid!


  • JodieR
    JodieR Registered Posts: 1,002
    BTW I am aware of the agent helpline which is usually much better and generally my first point of call but there's many areas which they can't help with, which is usually where the problems start!
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    Yeah, we also often get annoyed with trying to contact them! We think there should be agent helplines for all the taxes, not just SA. I hate having to try to say the right words to get through to the right place, and what annoys me is when they're really busy they just say "sorry we cannot help you at the moment, you might like to call back later or check our website". But they say this after I've gone through all the rigmarole of answering the automated questions! If they're that busy, I'd rather just get put in a queue - at least then in theory my call will get answered, rather than me having to waste time another day seeing if I can get through. My boss was on hold to them once for an hour and a half - at least they told him what number in the queue he was so he knew his call would be answered eventually - although the speed that was going, we think there was only one person answering that line. Aargh the joys of dealing with HMRC!!
  • Rachel
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    I also have got so frustrated, I often find that the person I speak to is then quite rude/unhelpful. One thing I have found good though is if you ring 10 mins before lines open someone does answer immediately.
  • peaman
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    HMRC have been exceptionally rubbish lately. I have had several problems with them, I have been promised callbacks several times but I never received them. Post has gone missing. Given incorrect advice etc. I did contact the AAM and they did call me back very quickly, although they couldn't help me with my problem. It seems like HMRC are struggling in all areas at the moment.
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