For Sale: Level 4 Books AQ2013 Kaplan/BPP/Osborne

SashaDella Registered Posts: 362
Hi, Please see below books I have for sale - All offers welcome for fast sale, (Please consider P&P with Offers)

BPP - Internal Control in Accounting Systems (ISYS Project) Workbook
Kaplan - Budgeting (Level 4) AQ2013 Combined Text/Workbook
Kaplan - Financial Performance (Level 4) AQ2013 Combined Text/Workbook
Osborne - Financial Statements Tutorial

Available Soon:
Kaplan - Personal Tax
Osborne - Personal Tax Workbook and Tutorial

They have all been bought earlier this year, I have used some of them however they are all like new condition.
I also have some extra papers and assignments that I'll send with the book if you want (FOC).

Thank you.


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