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I have recently (company ceased trading) found myself with 2 days per week spare as my private clients currently don't cover the gap.

I am considering contacting local firms of Accountants to see if they require any help on a sub contract basis.

Has anybody else tried this and if so what was the best method of contacting them and what sort of responses were received?

I would appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks



  • stevo5678
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    Loads of firms are looking for help on a sub con basis on AW

    Good luck
  • jamesm96
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    Recommendations (or 'referrals'). If your existing clients are happy with the work you provide (particularly if you can give the 'wow' factor by giving them one or two extra bits that they didn't ask for) then you'll probably find they'd be up for recommending you to their contacts, but they're unlikely to do it off their own bat - it's often a case of 'don't ask, don't get', but a simple 'who do you know who would benefit from my services like you have', slipped in to a conversation somewhere, will often make all the difference.
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