MIP mentor required (east Yorkshire) for musical accountant!

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Hello! My name is sally, I qualified as MAAT in 2006, and then went on to become an ACCA passed finalist in 2011. My experience (12years) has been in mainly government funded organisations, charities and the arts and catering sector but in recent years I have progressed to management accountant roles in the NHS and now a senior finance business partner type role in the commercial private sector. This route I have decided is not for me and I want to explore the idea of setting up my own practise.

I am also a musician looking to go professional although I know this won't be my full bread and butter, and wish to find a way I can work more flexibly with my music whilst also supporting local small businesses with my accounting skills. I have had no practise experience though, I did do the tax exams as an option through both AAT and ACCA because they interested me..(OK I'm a massive geek!!)

I need to just finish my portfolio to get ACCA but I have lost heart in doing this for a number of reasons...On a personal reflection i realise that perhaps If I had had more confidence and foresight when I qualified at AAT level I may not have gone on to do ACCA in the first place!!! No regrets though :) Anyway, after enquiring directly with AAT I have been advised to post a message on here, I am looking for a mentor to discuss the possibility of starting the path to being an MIP.

Mainly just someone to chat to, to understand what I would need to do to transition... Gaining the right experience within the time frames required so I can apply. With regards to clients, most of my peers and acquaintances are self employed/running small businesses, they know I am an accountancy bod and some have even enquired to see if I can help them out, but i want to make sure I'm operating properly and above board to do this :) I would of course look to expand these networks too ;) with regards to transitioning I am flexible, in terms of income etc... I earn good money now, but would be happy to drop a huge chunk of it if it meant I could spend part of my time working towards this goal (by volunteering, taking a lower paid job or going part time).

i also have a niche in that I am a musical accountant!! With hull being city of culture in 2017 we have a growing creative economy. I would love to be a part of this and want to be ideally hulls first creative industry accountant! (That I know of)

anyway,I'm just putting this out there I really hope and look forward to an MIP getting in touch with me :) Adios amigos!!



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    Hiya Sally, I'm no experienced mentor but have recently set up as a full time MIP so if I can help Hull's first creative industry accountant please let me know, it sounds great. Good luck with both your accountancy and music :smile:
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