MIP Start-up help!!!

Chris G 89
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Hi. I am an MAAT with 8 years experience working in Industry. For some time now I have seriously been considering starting out self employed as a member in practice. I realise however that without any experience working in an accountancy practice, I would be at a huge disadvantage. I know that I could easily complete the work but very unsure about the procedures used within accountancy practices and how the work gets conducted.

Basically I am looking for a mentor that could show me the above and just give me a better understanding and direction before I start.

I previously read a thread saying that there was a database with MIP's who have volunteered to become Mentors. - I have not found this but is exactly the sort of think I am looking for!!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

I live in the Leeds West Yorkshire area.

Thanks, Chris.
Claire R
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