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Has any one have any problems with ICAS project via distant learning.Do you really have to be linking to a distant learner to get your AAT ICAS project signed off.

Basically I started my project via BBP and was told i have to sign up for online class to be assigned a tutor back in Feb this year....went thought all the week and got my course to the 1st submission on 5th May.On 19th/20th May I received my feedback and it was 5 pages long. I then was given only just over a week to submit again and i some how my fault not sure loaded 1st report again which took them 15 day or so to let me know that this was wrong. I then submitted 3rd time early July and got feedback (6 pages) on 15th July and was given a few weeks to change and resubmitted it early Aug. On 14/15th Aug i received next feedback (5pages) and saying only got one more chance or marked NYC and given until 22 August to amend and load report for the final time.

At this point i asked if I could change the date which was then suggested 26th August,I emailed back and said 28th Aug would be a better date for me. I never did get a reply to my email, so day before the 24th Aug I emailed again and was told this would be Ok.I then emailed back saying please change the date on AAT learnplus and was told this was in hand.I emailed again on 24th August and said date was not change yet and got a reply that it would be sorted. 24th August come and goes and the learnplus side in saying Ihaven't submitted. I worked hard at the feedback over the weekend and completed it now and got people at work to proof read,etc.

Basically i have now emailed a few times this week and no joy and not sure what to do and was meant to submitted tonight but the AAT learn plus site hasn't been update and showing as no work submitted.

Need some advice is anyone can help.

There has been problem after problem since i started this and even before i started and was wondering if i would bring this up with the AAT and then put in a complaint and get a refund on the course.

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    Hi Sean,

    Have you tried phoning BPP?
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    To be fair to BPP you're allowed 4 months to submit a substantial first draft so that would have been June. You submitted a first draft in May so they were able to extend by a further 2 months to August which they have done. By the sound of it they've given you feedback quite quickly after each submission (within the 2 weeks allowed by the AAT). Your 6 months were probably up on 22nd August and they're not allowed to extend past 6 months from the scheduling date.You've had 3 lots of feedback that were all quite detailed, if you'd actioned everything in the first feedback the 2nd shouldn't have been so long and so on. So I can't see that you have any reason to complain about BPP. Sorry to be so blunt but really an ICAS report shouldn't be this drawn out.
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