Thank you - Passed Level 4 !!

topcattopcat Trusted RegularPosts: 452Registered
Hello all,
Have been really slow at getting around to saying thank you!
Wanted to say big thanks to everyone on here who helped me along the way and for your patience couldn't have grasped some of the concepts without consistently questioning you all Sherlock Holmes style!
Some of you must have spent hours helping me through things and it really is appreciated !!!!



  • Lucy_MLucy_M Feels At Home Posts: 136Registered
    :laugh: Congratulations!! :thumbup1:
  • LinduxLindux Settling In Nicely Posts: 29Registered
    well done ;-) Got my diploma last week and it was so exciting after all the hard work to actually see the finish line ;-) MAAT here I come ;-)
  • CudeyCudey Well-Known Posts: 138Registered
    Congratulations TopCat! Well deserved, it's a great feeling knowing all the hard work paid off!

    Have you got any plans what to move onto next?
  • MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderPosts: 1,461Moderator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Well done topcat!
  • vodkajulesvodkajules Just Joined Posts: 38Registered
    Well done Topcat :o)
    AAT Level 2 - completed 2012
    AAT Level 3 - completed 2013
    AAT Level 4: - Completed
    Budgeting - passed April 14
    Financial Performance - passed June 14
    Financial Statements - passed August 14
    Personal Tax - passed October 14
    ICAS project - passed November 14
    Business tax -Passed 14th Jan 15
  • Kelly7Kelly7 Well-Known Posts: 218Registered
    Congratulations Topcat!! Thoroughly deserved after all your hard work. What are you going to do now? X
  • Pearce161Pearce161 Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered
    Well done!
  • topcattopcat Trusted Regular Posts: 452Registered
    Thanks everyone !!! I am following a career in Network Engineering the accountancy was just a bonus
  • Clintm15Clintm15 Well-Known FarehamPosts: 247Registered
    Congrats topcat. Well deserved.
    Level 2 - 2011
    Level 3 - 2012
    Level 4 - 2013

    F4 - Corporate Law - Dec 2015 (passed)
    F5 - Performance Management - Dec 2014 (passed)
    F6 - Taxation - Dec 2013 (passed)
    F7 - Financial Reporting - Jun 2014 (passed)
    F8 - Audit & Assurance - Dec 2015 (passed)
    F9 - Financial Management - Jun 2015 (passed)
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