Anyone good on Xero

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Hi all,
I've been asked to do some work on Xero and I have to say I dont fully undertand using it. I know there is an extensive online help, which I can't fully get clear in my head.

All bank transactions have been entered manually, so can the bank rec feature still be used? I have the bank in csv format which I can import, but can I still do an import or will it duplicate transactions or will I have to delete the manually entered transactions first. Can I take a point in time from the balance sheet where it agrees to the bank statement ( or has a difference which I can bring forward ) and start importing from there?
Once you import is it a case of going thru for example creditors invoices to allocate payments or what happens. Also, once you import what is a reconciliation actually ......because they are imported surely the nominal and statement should agree!!

I'm hoping someone on here has used this feature and can explain clearly!!
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