Claiming subsistence on a Sunday

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Hi can anybody help with this please. An accountant advised a client of mine that you cannot claim for subsistence if you work on a Sunday. I have looked all over the internet, but I can't find anything to back this up. Does anyone know if this is true please?



  • jamesm96
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    No, nonsense. Either the accountant is appallingly bad, or the client simply misunderstood (I often find it's the latter in these sort of things). There are all the usual rules surrounding subsistence (such as whether or not the expenditure was 'out of the ordinary'... etc) but if the client's business is active on that Sunday, he's just as entitled to claim tax relief on expenditure he incurs as he would be obliged to pay income tax on income generated on a Sunday.
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    It is most likely the case that he has been told he can't claim subsistence on Sunday as he doesn't work on a Sunday and even although he may be living away from home he can't claim subsistence
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    Thank-you both, the client doesn't generally work on a Sunday, but they did the time they claimed subsistence.
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