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I have a client where there were originally 3 shareholders/Directors. 1 of the directors has now left and given up his shareholding in the company. This now has created the problem that they haven't got equal shareholdings. They have asked me to increase the shareholding to 4 so that it is equal I am just unsure of how to do this. I have looked on companies house and can't see it for looking. Any help greatly appreciated.




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    I haven't increased shares in years (before online filing), see link which explains everything you need to do -
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    I'm no expert at this but think you need to complete Companies House form SH01 Return of Allotment of Shares.
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    What happened to the share from the shareholder who left? Did one of the other shareholders buy it? Or did the Company buy it back? If the Company bought it back then the shareholding is now a total of 2 shares (1 each so 50-50). If one of the other shareholder bought the share then just issue a new share to make things equal. Keep some minutes and file an SH01 at CH and update on next Annual Return.

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