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~~Is there someone in the Chelmsford/Wickford Area who has passed the level 4 exam FP and Budget, that could spare some of their time to advise and help me study. I have been studying at home and have was really convinced that I had passed my budget exam. Sadly not. I am obviously missing something . I cannot get an answer from AAT about my pass mark, they won't tell me what % I have. ...So it is difficult to get an idea of my weakness. I have had feed back, but as I said, can't understand where my error lies as I thought I was on the right track. I have been studying papers on line , and when I have completed them, they tell me I have passed. Help......Please . Yes I know this is cheeky, but it is worth an ask lol


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    I have passed both of these exams and live very close to Chelmsford! Unfortunately I am working away a lot recently, However there may be times when I have a spare day or two in the area so always good to have contact! In the meantime I can always try and help via email?

    Message me your email address and we can go from there :)

    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
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    HI thanks for getting back to me , ( old bird ) trying to get my head round forum, so trying to work out pm. Bear with me :) This is an edit. Can't get my head round IM. So do you mind IM me , very worried I will give out my PI and yours lol
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