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Hi, I have so many questions about ISYS project few of them are the following:

1. How long are you allowed to complete the project?
2. How is this project checked?
3. Is there any assessment at the end of this project?
4. Do you think possible to do Cash management and Financial statements whilst doing ISYS?
5. Heard that you have to use a proper business language.. and English is not my first language. Heard that it is more strict than the normal assessments written tasks.
What would you recommend me?
6. Is there any special material to use?

I appreciate your help, thanks.


  • Lindux
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    Yes you have to use professional language while writing the report without all these shortcuts we use when writing to a friend etc ;-)
    how long? mine was just over 6000 words without the mapping doc and appendix etc. Also there isnt any assessments just have to write a report that covers all areas and requirement...Our teacher read our reports before they went to AAT to see if any big changes needed to be done...its not as hard as it looks like its just the time it requires...;-)
    Also, I done my ISYS while doing performance and budgeting modules ;-)
    I hope this answers some of you questions ;-) Good luck with you ISYS ;-)
  • Charlay
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    Hi Ly21,

    I'll try and answer in order:

    1) It is definitely possible to pass this module in under six months. Many people have passed it on their first draft. You are allowed five chances to receive feedback from your tutor on your work with out having to 'submit' it for assessment. I did the first draft in ten days.... the last ten days before the deadline. Do not do this! It was a nightmare and I only just scraped through.

    2) Your course tutors will assess all of your work.

    3) There is no exam assessment (CBA). Only the final report you submit is assessed. Whoever it is marking your work will conduct an interview with you, but this is just a final check to verify it was actually you who completed the work and that you didn't cheat and get somebody else to do it for you.

    4) It depends on how long you have. If you are at the beginning of your 6 months for the ISYS assessment (4 + 2), then you can definitely complete all three in that time: provided you set a schedule and knuckle down!

    5) It is stricter when it comes to language and grammar than a normal assessment. There must no personal pronouns in it (you can't use 'I' 'My' 'Myself' 'Me' etc). My advice would be to leave enough time to thoroughly proof read it. Check it a few times. Get somebody (not someone on your course though) to proof read it for you, preferably someone. Judging by your English in the post, you'll be fine.

    6) Your learning provider should provide.

    The best advice I can offer is that you should start as soon as you can. Even if you haven't got a clue where to begin, just start going through the materials you have. Also, use those five chances where you can get feedback from your tutor.
    I found that by writing down the headings of the report, then just getting something written down under each of the headings, everything came together much faster. It all started out a bit of mess, but I had something to work with and to build on.

    Good luck.
  • Laneylane
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    Just got the case study and not really sure where to start? Any suggestions gratefully received
  • Ricota81
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    My case study is the A to Z vehicle hire. I have read it several times and I hate to say I am not getting anywhere with the theme. Has anyone got the same case study please to advise me? Clearly the company has a big issue with cash flow shortage so I was thinking on concentrating on the Credit Control function. Any other ideas?
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