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CBA Assessment results

seancolebyseancoleby New MemberRegistered Posts: 13
Hi guys,

Has anyone had their results back recently for any level 4 CBA? If so how long did it take to mark. I know hey quote 6 weeks but I seem to remember my last assessment being marked a little quicker.

I only ask as I am waiting for my final AAT exam result back (Budgeting) Hopefully if i've passed then I have finished the AAT. I need confirmation so I can claim exemptions for ACCA.

Thanks in advance.



  • Lucy_MLucy_M Feels At Home Registered Posts: 136
    Hi, I never received a result in under 5 weeks and 3 days. Fingers crossed for you though! x
  • CharlayCharlay New Member Registered Posts: 16
    I think the fastest I've ever received one was three days before the 6 week deadline. Was due on a Thursday, came through on the Monday before.

    They will send an email notification that your assessment results have been updated, so that you don't have to frantically log in every morning and afternoon. Still didn't stop me checking it though.
  • lewpylewlewpylew Well-Known Registered Posts: 216
    I received my FNST result last week in 4 weeks and 3 days. Unfortunately it was bad news but still better than waiting 6 weeks!
  • GillianBGillianB Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Its always been around the 6 week mark for me too. I am so impatient at everything, so the 6 weeks is always torture!! But I never seem to get it any quicker.
    Good luck though!
  • flapper84flapper84 Just Joined Registered Posts: 5
    I received my FNST result after 4 weeks 2 days, this was just last week!
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