Doing a friends self employed tax return

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Hey guys, I'm AAT qualified and part qualified Cima. I've recently been approached by a friend who has gone self employed, he's asked my advice on doing his accounts . I've worked in industry for 10 years and am a management accountant, I know I'm capable of collating all his data, just wouldn't know where to start with advising him which package to purchase etc he only has access to a mac book pro so I can't even set him up with a simple excel spreadsheet (my original advice) any ideas? Thanks in advance Nic x
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    I have a MAC and have Microsoft office for MAC. So it is possible for him to install that and then you could set him up with a spreadsheet like your original idea?
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    There are lots of online bookkeeping programmes such as Xero, Freeagent, Accounts Portal, Clearbooks and more. We personally use Clearbooks as we feel it offers the best value for money.

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