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Hi All

I am hoping that someone can help me with the below question below from Practice Test 4 of the

"The cost per unit of matieral BP* was £50 per kilogram on 1 January X1 and is £90 per kilogram on 1 January X7.

Using 1 January X1 as the base year, the cost index for material BP8 as at 1 JanuaryX7 is (A).

The cost per unit has increased by (B) % betweeen January X1 and X7.

This is equivalent to an annual compound interest rate of (C)."

I have worked out that A=180 & B=80% but I am unable to find the method for working out the annual commpound interest rate in any of my text books.

Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated

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    Not sure if this is correct: -

    No. of years price has increased = 6 (X1 to X7)

    90/50 = 1.8

    6th Root of 1.8 = 1.1029 (need scientific calculator)

    1.1029 - 1 = 0.1029 say 10.3 %

    You can check this back by 50*1.103^6 = 90
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    Super answer from crispy.
    This compounding technique is no longer tested as neither syllabus includes it.
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