Financial Statements (AQ2010 )Exam

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Hi, has anyone else taken this exam recently? I've now failed it twice and have just booked my 3rd attempt for 4 weeks time. Both times the exam has started with the statement of cash flows, changes in equity etc and I am trying to work out if this is the norm, or just the luck of the draw?

I really struggle with this subject and have failed twice back in 2010 and desperately trying to pass by the end of the year. I always pass part 2, it's just part 1 I struggle with every darn time. I am slowly getting there - guessing it's just a case of practice, practice, practice and not losing faith!



  • Haysah
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    I would say it is practice. don't just rope learn formulas understand them. The cash flow you have to watch as in the exam they added additional little bits so RTFQ, but nothing you should not be able to cope with if your well prepared. I also found the financial statements seminar on exam technique helped. I am not sure if this is available on the AAT site it was a BPP one walked you through the paper even though it was a AQ2013. it is still similar to the AQ2010. Good Luck.
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