Cash Management and Costs and Revenues Exams on the same day?

After a break for various reasons I am back to the books and have just finished the Cash Management study, a bit of revision and practice tests and I'm ready to take the exam. But as membership starts at the 1st of the month it makes sense to wait until 1st Nov to re-join. Because of that I have some time to study another module (2-3 weeks) and it makes sense to do costs and revenues and therefore sit them on the same day or very close together. Is this madness or doable? I have found cash management surprisingly easy, lots of stuff I've learnt in general life and lots of fairly easy and logical maths, although a few things I need to reinforce with revision. However, I get the impression costs and revenues is quite a lot more complex. It's definitely easier to study one module and then get the exam done and forget about it, this is what I've done before, so doing two in one go, especially as I understand there isn't much or any overlap but lots of maths, will be trickier. I will be doing Accounts Prep 1 and 2 together but that makes more sense, I was half way through AP1 when I stopped so I know what it's about but AP2 is a mystery.

And if anyone knows, do any of the L4 modules relate to the AP modules?


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    Hi cash management and C&Rs were the two most difficult exams for me in level 3. Studying cash mgmt I also found it very straightforward but exam really pushed me, questions were worded so differently to what I was used to, I finished with 5 seconds spare. So do not underestimate this subject. I am sure it is doable to do them closely together, why wouldn't be, everything is when we really want it. But I would just make sure I am properly prepared for both.
    With regards to level 4 financial statements relate to AP modules.
    Good luck
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    I think I'm going to leave Cash Management for last, just in case I decide to change syllabus as it wouldn't be needed then. It has been straight forward and I've enjoyed it, but I must make sure I have it all in my head and fully understood in case the exam is very different, as I have heard a few times now. So I'll finish C&Rs and book the exam this week and get it out of the way. I've found the quantity of information for C&Rs much larger than other modules and there's no (big) rush, I have more time now to study and sit exams too. I'll probably only need a week each to revise for these modules so better get it booked soon. Thanks.
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    I sat the cash management exam today and it was really tough. The wording was horrible and parts weren't explained properly or the task was ambiguously worded. The practice exams were a breeze in comparison and I felt I knew the module really well so the lack of clarity was just annoying. It was more of a test of my mind reading comprehension skills than my cash management skills. Thankfully I passed but two questions which were always straight forward in practice questions (lagged payments and receipts) were anything but in the exam. If anyone is sitting this soon make sure you know all of the content as you'll need all the marks you can get if you find the questions as vague as I did. I'm glad this module is going and thankful it's done for me. I found learning CMGT much easier than Costs and Revenues but the C&Rs exam was much easier, there was no guessing what the task was. Perhaps the vague instruction is preparation for rubbish managers in the work place.

    I also don't recommend doing evening exams, all the numbers were dancing over the page by the end of the exam. :s
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    What came up for the written questions for CSHM?
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