MIP Mentor required please

Dear All,

I am in the process of registering as a MIP and have been approached by a couple of clients (artists) who are self employed and want me to do their accounting and tax returns for them. I completed my AAT 9 years ago and have over 12 years of working in corporate finance, however I took a 5 year career break (due to being made redundant and becoming my Mother's full time carer, as she was very ill at the time), I would now like to venture out and become a Member in Practice with aim of building up a small practice and would very much like to have a Mentor, as I need the guidance and confidence boost. If there is anyone who would care to become my Mentor, I would be ever so grateful. I am London based and really in need of as much help as possible, as I don't know where to start.........?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Best regards

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