Exams and Appeals HELP ASAP

HEY, I have passed all my exams at the first attempt expect the Budgeting and the Personal Tax. Everyone is saying that those two are the easiest exams to do !!! Just failed the Budgeting twice , was 90% sure that I`ll pass it ,as I have completed all the tasks with out any problems. Also all the mock exams I have completed were absolutely fine, and on the Kaplan papers scored above 90% !!!! Would that be worth making an appeal.....HELP


  • Kelly7
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    I think it costs as much to appeal as it does to take again. I found budgeting very similar to the practise assessments.

    I definitely would not say personal tax is one of the easiest. 40 out of 60 failed this at my college. X
  • b11brigita
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    Feels so bad when you think you done all the revision well, you done the actual exam with no major issues. And there you go after 6 weeks you find out that you failed it :( and the teacher refusing to provide extra lessons :/
  • Kelly7
    Kelly7 Registered Posts: 218 🎆 🐘 🎆
    That's bad that they won't help. On my second personal tax exam I came out and told 2 teachers what my written question was and they both said they didn't know what the question was asking so that wasn't much help either.

    I think tax is very much what you get on the day.

    Have you done all of the budgeting test papers online? X
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