MIP Application - work experience

I am aware when you are MAAT/AAT qualified you can work self employed as long as you do not mention AAT in any form. However can you use work experience while you are self employed on your MIP application? Also how much experience in general do they require in each category you would like to offer services in?


  • andym86
    andym86 Registered Posts: 2

    I think you are correct actually. Although this does not make much sense that someone without MAAT status (i.e student) can be self employed without quoting AAT but you cannot when you are MAAT even if you do not mention AAT.

    Does anyone know if self employed experience before MAAT counts for MIP application and how you can prove this?

    What experience in general is required for MIP application on an employed basis? i.e how many months/years and does it all have to be in the last twelve months?
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