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Hi all,

Im new to this forum i have done my AAT level 2 and passed it all.

I am now on Level 3 and i have now failed my ACPR test twice and its really getting me down. When i do the practice ones on the aat website i seem to do ok and seem to be competant in them and dont know where im going wrong on the day.

Can anyone help me in anyway please i have got a re sit to do on the 15th Nov..

Thanks in advance :smile:


  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I'm about to restart this module so can't help much with the exam. L2 did a good job at cementing the basics so it might be good to have a look a the text book and redo those tests to reinforce the basics. Do you go through the answers to the practice assessments and identify any slip ups? I've been taking photos of my completed assessment answers before hitting finish so I can identify the few questions I have got wrong and figure out why - not reading the question carefully or missing something silly is easy to do. Remember to use all the resources on MyAAT and see if there any videos on YouTube on the concepts you find more tricky. If you practice you can identify the areas you are struggling with and try to nail them. Using a different textbook is also a good way to revise as sometimes it will be explained in a way that makes more sense to you than your current textbook, just see what's on ebay and extra questions in the books or the question books are great too. You could look for a revision class if you are self studying, I think BPP run some and saw some advertised on here.

    If you do identify the questions that are a struggle there are people around who can help on here.
  • carlie1990carlie1990 Registered Posts: 5
    Thats great and thank you for your help i will do that about taking photos and then go through the answers and work out where i am going wrong.

    i have a re sit on the 15th Nov so not long to get it all round my head again! I am deffo finding level 3 harder than level 2 but im sure ill get there just got to keep positive!!

    Practice weekend ahead!

  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Good luck with your revision. I have my costs and revenues exams the same day (just booked) but might restart on my accounts prep as a break from C&R revision and practice tests. From what I've done so far it feels like a very complex number puzzle with lots of rules to follow to make it all fit and add up at the end. It's easy to slip up.

    It's really good to identify which questions you got wrong and I'm not sure how the marking is done, how it is weighted and whether getting one bit wrong means the whole question is wrong. So understanding everything and getting every type of question right in every practice question (and figuring out why it went wrong) is my tactic. Good luck!
  • carlie1990carlie1990 Registered Posts: 5
    Test is tomorrow to say im worried and scared is an under statement!!!

    Wish me luck

  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I hope it went ok.
  • carlie1990carlie1990 Registered Posts: 5
    Failed again
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Sorry to hear that, especially if you were doing well at the practice tests. We're you able to identify the bits that didn't go so well? I got feedback per question today but last year I think feedback was given as a list of topics so less easy to identify which questions were a problem. Have you seen the document on MyAAT with the general feedback on student performance in this exam? I found it really helpful for C&Rs as it lists the type of question for each question so you can concentrate on those techniques. It also discusses where students commonly go wrong and works through the questions most often done incorrectly. My C&R exam followed this exactly and it helped calm my nerves too.
  • Suhaylah96Suhaylah96 Registered Posts: 6
    I have my third re take tomorrow and I'm not comfortable or looking forward to it, but my apprenticeship end date is soon and I have other exams to do as well... How many do you need to be Met or above and which sections are the best to target?
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