Which career path to take?

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I am currently studying AAT Level 4 and over the next couple of weeks I have to decide which career path I want to take and which subjects to choose to study. I am just wondering if there is anywhere on the AAT website that will guide me through what each option involves and what career path it helps you to achieve.


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    Hi Blissmadison,

    I dont think there is anything on the AAT website, but if you have a few options ie ACCA, ACA, CIMA, then you could get information from their websites? I have been looking into ACCA and have phoned different companies that offer the course and got my information that way.

    I hope this helps :smile:
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    Are you talking about the optional units at level 4? If so i normally advise the tax units if you have no preference, because even if you leave accountancy tax will always be relevant.
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