Accounts Prep 1 - HELP?

I took my AP1 exam yesterday and failed.
More than half of our class failed actually and I really need some good advice on how I can learn it.
The only part of the exam I exceeded in was the Non Current Asset Register, everything else I was either Below on or Borderline.
Hope someone can help me as we're supposed to be retaking it next week.


  • JonaB
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    Hi Amy. I was supposed to take my CBT for Accounts Prep yesterday but was told I was not on the list (rubbish college). Anyway, of almost 20 who took the exam, only 3 passed. I do not know if you are aware of a document called Performance Feedback (amongst study support) from the AAT website. It outlines what students usually do wrong during the CBT task by task. Have you also tried to do Green Light Tests? The AAT has various resources you can use for revision (some tutors do fail to mention those). Good luck. I hope it helps.


  • amybu22
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    When I did Lv2 I must admit I did try to rote learn a lot of stuff but can't really do that this year because there's just so many different questions they throw at you.

    I struggle a lot with getting my head around Accruals and Prepayments, they tend to throw in both in one question and I get mind block.

  • JonaB
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    I struggled with Accruals and Prepayments as well. The E-Learning Module from AAT about accruals and prepayments helped me understand it better. If you don't have much time, look at the summary at the end of the e-module.
  • ariadne
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    I'm about to get stuck into accounts prep for a second time after a break, it's hard going as its a big unit and lots to remember and pull together. I am surprised at the huge numbers failing and it seems daunting hearing that. However, I tried to get into college to do L3 and they were very reluctant as I hadn't sat the L2 exams, (I found it easy and didn't want to waste hundreds of pounds on the exam fees) this was because they have a lot of students who do poorly and it reflects badly on their results. They also have a lot of drop outs but usually this is not the self funding students who pay well over £1k! I carried on self studying and am half way through so never got to meet a college class to see how motivated and able they were, I might for L4 for £2k :o .

    L2 is a really good foundation for accounts prep so I'd advise going back through those text books to make sure you really understand it as a whole as L3 assumes this understanding and there's very little recap. I think I'll get my L2 book out while getting back into accounts prep as I'm rusty, but once it sinks in it really comes back, even a year later, it's helped with the C&Rs accounting bits already so really understanding accounts prep will make other modules much easier, especially L4. Make sure you use any tutor support or try new books or online learning, a different explanation really can make a big difference, videos on MyAAT and YouTube have been helpful too, easier than reading a text book for sure. And practice lots! Anything you can find and make sure you go through the answers to figure out your weaker points and can work on these - I photograph my assessments online before submitting so I can check where and why I have gone wrong even if I "passed". Good luck!
  • howardsmerida
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    I've got mine on Thursday next week. I was bricking it after college on Tuesday but I have read up on my weaknesses (of which there are a few) what I can't seem to sort though is the questions on reconciling cash book and bank account with 3 adjustments? Does anyone have any pointers on how to do this efficiently?

    e.g. Bank statement has cr balance of £1000 and cash book has cr balance or £1500 then they give you possible adjustments and you need to work the answer back typically to the cash book.
  • JonaB
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    I agree with Ariadne. Checking your answers before hitting the finish button helps you identify which tasks you need to study more. I also recommend answering AQ2010 practise assessments.
  • j1994
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    What would cause a no. To be less than the balance carried down (accural and prepayment expenses)
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