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Hi all,

I'm considering studying the AAT level 2 at home. The plan is to take the exams at a nearby Kaplan centre.

Can I study all of the modules from textbooks alone, and then take the exams? Or do I need to pay for any modules from a learning provider in order to have any possible coursework assessed? I noticed there are 4 exams + 1 project, and it's the project I'm curious about.

For the computerised accounts module, I suppose I can just use sage trial software along with a study guide.

Thanks for any help.


  • NickCraggs
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    Hi, you do need a training provider for the computerised accounts unit as this is not assessed by the AAT. You can sit the other units on your own if you so wish. The sage trial software will be fine for this unit.
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  • ariadne
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    Yep, just buy the books for the computer marked exams and you can buy the computerised accounting module from one of the providers. I didn't sit the L2 exams and went straight into L3 after studying L2 and passing all the online practice assessments. I'm self studying L3 too and plan to do a sage home course instead of computerised accounting, it's about £100, partly because I want to do it prior to job hunting and I'm not yet ready to do so. Make sure you use all the MyAAT resources as they are great for preparing for the assessments.
  • grimboon
    grimboon Registered Posts: 5
    Thank you for the responses.
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