level 3 Accounts Preparation 1 - irrecoverable and allowance for doubtful debts

Please help as I am going out of my mind!

In the workbook how on earth is the calculation 110 calculated in question 7.4 on page 32. I know I've got the answer but I have no idea how they arrived at it.



  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    People will have different books, I definitely don't have your book but am about to start on doubtful debts (on page 163 of a Kaplan book). If you can post the question you should get more responses. Either type it up or take a photo and attach via photobucket or other photo sites. It looks like copying the URL will work via the tool bar. Sometimes the books do have errors, so if you are getting it right on other questions in this topic and are confident you have it right then maybe it's an error.
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