Journal and Suspense account - Please Help!!!

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i am currently doing my level 2, and i cant get passed journals. i doing home learning with eagle education and they have said i'm getting call tomorrow from a tutor but i want to know something before they call so i know what they are on about. (if you get me?)

so i was doing a mock exam and everything was doing good and i thought bank reconciliation was hard, journals is from another planet!!!

here's the question

Task 2

The errors that follow have been found in the double-entry bookkeeping system.

a) Prepare journals to correct the errors (remember debits = credits!)
b) Post journals to the suspense account (if required)

I. Decorating costs for premises were incorrect posted to fixed assets totalling £6,500 (ignore VAT)
II. General expenses of £806.99 were credited to the general expenses account
III. Wages and salaries were correctly recorded in the cash book as £13,024.60, but were accidentally posted to the main ledger as £10,324.60.

Journal | Debit £ | Credit £


DR Suspense account CR
Date Details Amount £ Details Amount £
30 Mar Balance b/d 4,313.98

i just don't get what to do, there's so much to do for one question... makes it harder!
just need help explaining what the journal is for and what the suspense account is for

and then how do this question because at the moment i am lost :(

any help appreciated

Thank You :)

If you need me to break down what i'm asking i will do just say but should be all good :disappointed:

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post :blush:
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