My Second accounts assistant interview!!!!

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Hi everyone
I had lots of jobs interview but no luck.I had phone call this morning for the second interview by next week they will let me know by email. My question is what do they usually ask for the second interview?. My first interview I had about 20 question aptitude question for finance eg cash flow,accrual and prepayment, margin,mark up,varience and also some excel eg pivot table and formulars.Pls help I really need this job.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi shama and well done,
    Since the first interview has dealt with your technical abilities, I would expect the follow-up interview to be more about your personality, why you would fit well with the company etc... I think there are a few tips on the AAT website under the Career section that may be helpful. Research the company thoroughly (look at their website/google press articles about them etc...).
    Also it's ok to show how much you WANT the job but try not to sound desperate. You have secured a second interview so it is time to believe in your abilities and show confidence!
    Hope this helps,
  • kingofacc0712
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    I think the second interview will focus on your work experiences and the amout of salary you want to be paid for the job. Good luck to you, guy! Fighting :)
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    Salary may come up, but don't be the one to bring it up. Save that conversation for once you've been offered the job.

    My experience of second interviews is they tend to be less formal/structured - the couple I went to were with the manager/director I'd be working for, whereas the first one was with HR, and seemed to be more of a get-to-know-you than anything else. That's not to say they're all the same, so be prepared for anything! Good luck.
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