AAT Level 4 support campaign

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Some of you may have received an email from AAT this week directing you to a new AAT Level 4 support page on our website.

Those of you who haven't received the email (which hasn't been sent to all students - so don't feel too left out!) might find it useful to know that the page includes: This contains checklists to help you make the most of the AAT study support materials available to you...

Financial Performance study support checklist

As well as assessors' feedback on what students tend to perform best/worst at in the assessment:

AAT Level 4 assessment performance feedback
  • Full assessment feedback reports for each unit
While the PDF guide includes a quick summary, you're also free to download entire assessment feedback reports for each unit.

AAT Financial Performance Level 4 - assessment performance feedback report
  • A range of other useful resources, including:
- The Internal Controls report-writing guide
- Level 4 tips from other members of AAT's Online Community
- Practical skills and competency checklist

... and more.

Access all of the above at aat.org.uk/level4support.


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