What tips do you have for Level 3: Cost and revenues?

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We're creating a Level 3 guide full of tips, revision tools and assessment techniques for each unit of Level 3, similar to our Level 4 guide Making the Grade.

What makes these guides different from others is that you help us to make them. All the advice is sourced from our online community and AAT members, so students know it's practical advice that has been used successfully before.

We'd like to know, what tips do you have for Level 3: Cost and revenues?

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  • ariadne
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    Having good basic maths skills makes this module easier, especially percentages. Brushing up on these beforehand is helpful.

    It's a big module but it does break down into fairly discrete tasks for the assessment.

    Practicing each type of question as much as possible really helps cement the knowledge and shows how important it is to read the questions carefully, the information requested isn't always the same or in the same format so don't get caught out.

    The feedback pdf on MyAAT for the assessment is really helpful. It gives an outline of the expected task or choice of tasks. It tells you the common problems students have so you can avoid them. Make sure to use all available resources on MyAAT and see what's on YouTube too.

    Take time in the assessment to read questions carefully, checking the data you have and what they are asking for. And once you've finished go through the answers again - I found a silly mistake while doing this and it's easy to make mistakes while entering long numbers and using a calculator.
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