Study Advice Needed

Hi everyone.
I decided I wanted to study for a level 3 Diploma in Accounting, however to qualify for funding I would need to complete the bookkeeping module on level 2, before I can enrol on a course.
I am working through 'Frank Wood's Business Accounting' book in a chronological order at the moment and would like to know which chapters I should concentrate on.

Thanks for any advice given.


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Is it the basic accounting modules? I don't have this book but you can buy the basic accounting 1 & 2 books to get a pass in these modules. They are very cheap off eBay as you don't need the most up to date versions as they are unlikely to have changed. It's probably easier to work off the actual exam book so you focus the bits you need and exam technique.
  • MattCook
    MattCook Registered Posts: 2
    Hi thanks for your reply.
    The book is Business Accounting Volume 1. I know If I work through it all I will be well prepared for the whole Level 2 Certificate in Accounting. I need to specifically pass the Bookkeeping modules from that course, so I can jump straight into the Level 3 Diploma in Accounting.
    I thinking that if I concentrate on the chapters which are essential for the bookkeeping modules I will be able to take that module, and pass it. Then I'll be able to apply for the Level 3 course as I'll be entitled to the funding which is available.

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