Ive failed AP2 twice now has anyone got any suggestions as this is the last one I need to pass my level 3


  • hayleyd1994
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    I am in the exact same position and have my retake again tomorrow - hoping I pass..

    The only suggestion I have is to keep going at it and keep studying, I took a break (6 months) as I couldn't pass this one, (and it is my last one at Level 3) and have spent the last 3 months relearning it all again..!

    Keep going, think positive, you will do it.

    I have found it useful going through the kaplan book and doing all the exercises, all the online practice papers, and using all learning aids AAT provide.

    Good luck, I am sure you will get there! :)

    If I can provide any help I am willing to :)
    Hayley o:)
  • ariadne
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    I have this exam in just over a week. I've just gone through a practice exam for the first time after finishing the reading yesterday. It seemed ok and not quite so complex as the learning, but I know the real exam can be quite different. Is there a particular part of the exam that has been a problem?

    I find it helpful to go through the practice tests and activities with the text book so I can refer to it and understand it better. Once I think I know it I don't open the text book (I leave enough time so I forget the answers!) The second time I go through the practice tests I take photos of the answers before checking the answer document. If I got something wrong I work out why and make sure I know how to get the right answer.

    Remember to check the 2010 and 2013 material on MyAAT as there may be different questions and elearning. There are also performance feedback documents, I can't say it often enough how helpful these are. They breakdown the possible exam content and explain why students don't do well in certain questions. Have you watched the video provided too, it's on missing records/figures. There may be other videos online if you search for particular topics.

    It may be helpful to go through part of AP1 too. There is a big overlap so going over the extended trial balance chapter and the basics of double entry could make a difference - I'm doing both modules at the moment.

    Good luck passing this exam. Please feedback on how is goes for those of us waiting to take it. It will also be my last exam.
  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I had this exam on Saturday and it was very similar to the practice tests in format. Keep using the practice tests available, remember to use the 2010 ones as well as 2013 and any other questions you can get your hands on. Go through them and make sure you know why you got things wrong and revise the topics that aren't going so well.
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